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的照片: 山 (1544)

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的照片 View of the open area of Ranomafana National Park - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Trail under a big boulder with one of the Three Sisters in the background - 马达加斯加到 的照片 One of the Three Sisters near Anja - 马达加斯加到 的照片 View over the valley in which Anja lies - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Mountain near Anja reflected in the lake - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Agriculture at the base of the mountains - 马达加斯加到 的照片 View of lake and mountains and the village of Anja - 马达加斯加到 的照片 The huge boulders capped by a small cloud - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Curiously shaped rock formation in Isalo - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Mountain range in Isalo - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Looking over a plain with trees and rocky mountains in the background - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Mountain near Isalo window just before sunset - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Looking out over the rocky mountains, within two hours from Namaza - 马达加斯加到 的照片 View of the rock face with the Canyon of Makis and the Canyon of Rats at sunrise - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Steps hewn out in the rocks at Isalo - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Dirt road with the rocky mountains of Isalo in the background - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Sunrise over the east face of the Isalo mountain range - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Mountains standing high above the Manambolo river - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Small village on top of a green hill - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Mountain range with signs of erosion near Ankavandra - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Deep red earth can be seen everywhere between Tsiroanomandidy and Ankavandra - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Patches of trees in small valleys on mountain slopes - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Mountain east of Ankavandra - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Dirt road meandering through a landscape of green hills - 马达加斯加到 的照片 Looking over the city wall towards Gokjang汉城 - 南韩 的照片 Gokjang seen from the west汉城 - 南韩 的照片 The summit of Mount Bugaksan with one of the many black-dressed military staff汉城 - 南韩 的照片 The western part of the Mount Bugaksan City Wall汉城 - 南韩 的照片 Overview of the slopes from the base station with Dragon Peak in the background - 南韩 的照片 Skier coming down Rainbow III - 南韩 的照片 Looking up the Rainbow III expert slope - 南韩 的照片 Artificial snow on the fence and trees halfway the Rainbow III run - 南韩 的照片 Top of the Gold Valley run - 南韩 的照片 Competitors waiting for their turn at the Rainbow I run - 南韩 的照片 Looking down the lower part of the Gold Fantastic run - 南韩 的照片 Looking up the higher part of the Rainbow slopes - 南韩 的照片 Sign at the top of the Gold Valley slope - 南韩 的照片 The upper part of the Rainbow Paradise run - 南韩 的照片 Rainbow I being used for a slalom competition - 南韩 的照片 Rainbow Fantastic seen from the gondola - 南韩 的照片 The Gold Fantastic run - 南韩 的照片 Looking down the beginning of the Rainbow slopes - 南韩 的照片 Frozen lake of Beacon Reservoir in the afternoon - 美国 的照片 Stony mountain at the westside of the Breakneck Ridge - 美国 的照片 Rocky outcrop at the westside of Breakneck Ridge - 美国 的照片 One of the more difficult parts of the Breakneck Ridge Trail - 美国 的照片 Looking towards the Hudson from a rock formation on Breakneck Ridge - 美国 的照片 View across the highlands with Manhattan at the horizon - 美国 的照片 Steep rock formation on the westside of Breakneck Ridge - 美国 的照片 View from the tower at South Beacon mountain, with the snowy hills and the Beacon reservoir in the background - 美国 的照片 View from a viewpoint with the Hudson river - 美国 的照片 Stony cairns on a snowy rock in the forest at the east side of the highlands - 美国 的照片 Huge sand dune contained by rock formations - 查德 的照片 Rocky mountains with sand dune blown up against it - 查德

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