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的照片 White sand beach topped by green palm trees at Tepuka islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Looking east across Funafuti atoll from Tepuka islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Coral on the sandy seabed with palm tree studded Tepuka island - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Coral-filled waters with Tepuka islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Palm trees towering above the white beach of Tepuka islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The western side of Tepuka with wide, white beach - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tepuka islet rising from the Pacific - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Late afternoon on the beach of Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The maneapa on Funafala islet where community meetings are held - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Fishing net, outrigger boat, and one of the houses on Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Wreck of a submarine just off Telele islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Some of the tiny islets of the western side of Funafuti atoll seen from Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Palm trees sprouting out of these coconuts on Telele islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Water-plants exposed by the extreme low tide - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The coral-studded beach on the eastern side of Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 White beach with turquoise waters at Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Threatening sky with waves breaking on the eastern side of Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Sunset over the southern part of Funafuti atoll - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Beach at Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The islet of Telele in the early morning - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Palm trees are the most common trees on Funafala - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Funafala seen from the sky - 土瓦鲁 的照片 David's Drill marks the borehole where Darwin's theory was tested - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The island of Fongafale with Vaiaku visible under a rainbow across the lagoon - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Fuel station in Vaiaku - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The Government Building, easily the largest building on the island - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Practicing rugby on the eastern side of the runway of Funafuti Atoll airport - 土瓦鲁 的照片 People taking to the runway for an afternoon stroll or game - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The main church of Vaiaku - 土瓦鲁 的照片 The airport building, very quiet most of the week - 土瓦鲁 的照片 One of the many flower-decorated tombs - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Street in Vaiaku - 土瓦鲁 的照片 One of the shanty-towns of Vaiaku - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Playing volleybal at the end of the runway - 土瓦鲁 的照片 One of the main streets of Vaiaku - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan boys playing marbles in the street - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluans on a scooter in one of the streets of Vaiaku town - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan woman at the bell of one of the churches of Vaiaku - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan with kid on his motorbike - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Cheerful Tuvaluan lady dressed up with flowers - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Young Tuvaluan girl under palm trees - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan man preparing a palm tree to extract syrup - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan girls in school uniform posing for a picture - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan girl at one of the beaches of Fongafale islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan girl with serious pose - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan kids on a bike near the runway - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Girl dressed up for Sunday church service - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan couple on Funafala islet - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tuvaluan girl dressed up for church service - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Three girls having fun with the camera - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Small fishing boat with laundry drying at the coastline - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Tree with wreck of a Japanese fishing boat just north of the wharf - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Stacks of cars piled up at the coast in the northern part of Fongafale - 土瓦鲁 的照片 Used TV screens dumped under trees at the northern coast of Fongafale - 土瓦鲁

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