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的照片 One of the texts of the museum that make you think - 南非 的照片 The new South African flag with stones depicting all those who fought for the end of apartheid - 南非 的照片 Casspir, armoured vehicle used during the violent apartheid years, on display - 南非 的照片 Room in which some of the political prisoners who were executed are remembered - 南非 的照片 South Africa is becoming a nation where the colour of your skin is not important anymore - 南非 的照片 Two of the pillars of the South African Constitution - 南非 的照片 Political pamphlets and T-shirts during the apartheid years - 南非 的照片 The corridor through which you enter the museum gives you a grim idea of apartheid reality - 南非 的照片 Wall with political pamphlets in the Apartheid Museum - 南非 的照片 Throughout the museum, and outside, Mandela is a recurrent person - 南非 的照片 Your entrance ticket denotes you as white or non-white and you have to enter the museum accordingly - 南非 的照片 Looking up four of the 7 pillars symbolizing the foundation of the South African Constitution - 南非 的照片 On the ramp leading up to the roof of the Apartheid Museum, real people are depicted - 南非 的照片 Bench where only Europeans could sit during the apartheid years - 南非 的照片 The definition of apartheid explained at the entrance to the museum - 南非 的照片 The two cheetahs, Shitana and her brother, walking free - 南非 的照片 The head of Shitana, the female cheetah in the park - 南非 的照片 Zebra in the plains of the park - 南非 的照片 One of the white lion cubs in the park - 南非 的照片 The cheetah likes licking hands - 南非 的照片 White lion cub being stroked - 南非 的照片 Shitana on the bus to the open space - 南非 的照片 Giraffe in the small park inside the Lion Park - 南非 的照片 Meerkat in the Lion Park - 南非 的照片 Cheetah with its head in the air - 南非 的照片 Close-up of the head of a cheetah - 南非 的照片 The piercing gaze of the cheetah - 南非 的照片 Herd of blesboks in the antilope area of the Lion Park - 南非 的照片 Lion cub in the shade - 南非 的照片 Cheetah in all its beauty - 南非 的照片 The installations on top of the caves where research is going on - 南非 的照片 Plaque of Mrs. Ples, on the way to the entrance to the caves - 南非 的照片 One of the tunnel-like passages inside the tunnel complex - 南非 的照片 Stairs lead through the larger areas of the caves - 南非 的照片 The Silberberg Grotto where one of the most important finds of Sterkfontein was done: Little Foot - 南非 的照片 Steps leading through the landscape surrounding Sterkfontein - 南非 的照片 Looking back at the entrance of the caves - 南非 的照片 Close-up of formation inside the caves - 南非 的照片 Looking up one of the caves - 南非 的照片 Part of the cave complex at Sterkfontein - 南非 的照片 Stairs leading down into the cave complex - 南非 的照片 The elephant-shaped formation in the caves - 南非 的照片 Sculpture of Dr. Broom holding Mrs. Ples - 南非 的照片 The underground lake marks the lowest spot of the cave complex of Sterkfontein - 南非 的照片 Torch placed on translucent stone inside the Sterkfontein caves - 南非 的照片 Flowering fynbos in De Hoop Nature Reserve - 南非 的照片 View towards the east from Koppie Alleen - 南非 的照片 Bontebok in De Hoop Reserve - 南非 的照片 Sand dunes and vegetation at the coastline of De Hoop Reserve near Koppie Alleen - 南非 的照片 Gravel road towards the sand dunes of De Hoop Reserve - 南非 的照片 Whale appearing from the sea just off the coast of De Hoop Reserve - 南非 的照片 Ostrich in the fynbos landscape of De Hoop Reserve - 南非 的照片 Beach and sand dunes at De Hoop Reserve - 南非 的照片 White sand dunes with the Indian Ocean in the background - 南非

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