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的照片 One of the monumental buildings: the Swedish consulate in Brazzaville - 刚果 的照片 Tree-lined street with the ubiquitous green taxis - 刚果 的照片 Looking downstream the Congo River at the rapids south of Brazzaville - 刚果 的照片 One of the many alleys at Marché Total - 刚果 的照片 Two pages of the diary of De Brazza at his memorial building - 刚果 的照片 Sunset over the memorial pillar for Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza - 刚果 的照片 Men in a pirogue at the rapids near Pont Djoué - 刚果 的照片 Street scene in Brazzaville - 刚果 的照片 Statue in Brazzaville - 刚果 的照片 Obelisk on the Round Point Moungali - 刚果 的照片 Two of the minarets of the Grand Mosque - 刚果 的照片 Interior view of the basilica of Saint Anne - 刚果 的照片 The monument for Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, founder of the city - 刚果 的照片 The enormous river Congo separating Brazzaville (left), and Kinshasa - 刚果 的照片 Saint Anne basilica, near Poto Poto roundabout - 刚果 的照片 Steering the 4WD pick-up truck on the sandy tracks to Congo was no easy task - 刚果 的照片 The muddy track runs straight to great villages - 刚果 的照片 Driving through deep water on the road - 刚果 的照片 The particularly bad stretch of road where 4 vehicles were stuck at the same time - 刚果 的照片 One 4WD trying to pull the other out - it failed - 刚果 的照片 Deep in the mud: working their way through the mud on the track to Boundji - 刚果 的照片 Getting the motorbikes to the other side of the muddy track - 刚果 的照片 Another overloaded 4WD in trouble: seriously stuck in the mud - 刚果 的照片 Our pick-up truck from Léconi to Ewo had to be pushed back on the road again, and pushed to get it running - 刚果 的照片 This truck got stuck, too, after it helped to pull out a 4WD - 刚果 的照片 The car of the Chef of Immigration was seriously stuck in the deep mud here - 刚果 的照片 A herd of cows on the muddy track between Ewo and Boundji - 刚果 的照片 One of the motor guys trying to get the bike through a muddy pool - 刚果 的照片 The sandy track between Gabon and Congo - 刚果 的照片 Our truck just slid off the track here - we managed to get it back on it - 刚果

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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