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的照片: 克罗埃西雅 (30)

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的照片 Gregorius of Nin statue at the northern gate of Diocletian's Palace - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Street vendor and stall in the underground basement halls - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 East Palace Gate gives direct access to the market - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Door in the Temple of Jupiter, turned into a baptistery - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 The high arches of the Peristil, right in the middle of Diocletian's Palace - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 The North Palace Gate of Diocletian's Palace - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Marble stones are used for pavement inside Diocletian's Palace - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Scene at the Peristil - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Close-up of the doorpost of the temple of Jupiter - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Sarcophagus at the Temple of Jupiter - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 View over the port of Split from inside the bell-tower - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 The Peristil, with the cathedral on the left - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Ceiling of the cathedral, formerly the mausoleum of Diocletian - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Port of Split and part of Diocletian's Palace seen from the bell-tower of the cathedral - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Cathedral, bell-tower, and Roman columns seen from below - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Night falling over the city walls of Dubrovnik sticking out into the sea - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Roofs of Dubrovnik seen from the city wall - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 View of the old city of Dubrovnik with turret as seen from the city wall - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Stretch of the impressive city wall of Dubrovnik - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 The port of Dubrovnik seen from the city wall - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Red-tiled roofs and several towers of churches - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 The Clock tower of Dubrovnik - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Old town of Dubrovnik and surrounding sea seen from the city wall - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Stairs leading up to the Dominican monastery seen from above - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 City wall that runs all around the old town of Dubrovnik - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Marble street running parallel to the city wall - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Arch over one of the cobble stone streets in Dubrovnik - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Sponza Palace, now housing the National Archives and an exhibition about the siege of Dubrovnik - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Part of the city wall and bastions in the evening - 克罗埃西雅 的照片 Early morning view over Dubrovnik - 克罗埃西雅

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