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Picture of: Nyonié Wonga Wongué Reserve (15)

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Picture of One of the mushrooms in the forestNyonié - Gabon Picture of Termites create mushroom-shaped housingNyonié - Gabon Picture of Green hills and forest in the reserve, looking towards the Atlantic OceanNyonié - Gabon Picture of Footprint of a pantherNyonié - Gabon Picture of Lush green vegetation and the yellow high grass of the savannahNyonié - Gabon Picture of Falaise in the reserveNyonié - Gabon Picture of One of the many streams running through the tropical forestNyonié - Gabon Picture of Clouds emanating from the tropical forest around sunsetNyonié - Gabon Picture of One of the many tracks through the reserveNyonié - Gabon Picture of The beach in the early morningNyonié - Gabon Picture of Fungi growing on an elephant dumpNyonié - Gabon Picture of Buffaloes in the late afternoonNyonié - Gabon Picture of Track through a savannah in NyoniéNyonié - Gabon Picture of The white beach of NyoniéNyonié - Gabon Picture of Forest elephants at the border between savannah and forestNyonié - Gabon

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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