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Picture of Monument to the founders of São Paulo with Tribunal de Justicia building on the Rua Boa VistaSão Paulo - Brazil Picture of Saint Guilhem Cloister, taken from the Saint Guilhem-le-Désert monastery in Aquitaine, FranceNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Row of columns and capitals of the Cuxa cloisterNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Columns of the Bonnefont Cloister seen from the medieval gardenNew York - U.S.A. Picture of Veiled girl walking a colonnaded street of IboIbo - Mozambique Picture of Looking up one of the many old houses of Ibo in the late afternoonIbo - Mozambique Picture of Man cleaning a dusty street of Ibo in the afternoonIbo - Mozambique Picture of Looking up the old Customs Building of IboIbo - Mozambique Picture of Many houses in Ibo have pillarsIbo - Mozambique Picture of Pillars casting shadows on the walkway in IboIbo - Mozambique Picture of View of one of the streets of IboIbo - Mozambique Picture of The Hal of Benevolence and Longevity at the eastern side of the Summer Palace complexBeijing - China Picture of Admiral's House, currently the museum of Nelson's DockyardEnglish Harbour - Antigua and Barbuda Picture of Boat House Pillars in Nelson's DockyardEnglish Harbour - Antigua and Barbuda Picture of One of the most remarkable houses in SpeightstownSpeightstown - Barbados Picture of The courtyard of the Quinta los OmbúesSan Isidro - Argentina Picture of Old adobe buildings in the village of MolinosValles Calchaquies - Argentina Picture of Small golden structure next to the Hall of Union and PeaceBeijing - China Picture of Roof of the Middle Left Gate seen from the Hall of Supreme HarmonyBeijing - China Picture of The Gate of Supreme Harmony in the afternoonBeijing - China Picture of Courtyard of a colonial house in Villa de LeyvaVilla de Leyva - Colombia Picture of Example of a decorated doorframe in the lower Casbah of AlgiersAlgiers - Algeria Picture of The Decumanus Maximus towards the NymphaeumTipaza - Algeria Picture of The Cardo Maximus runs all the way down to the seaTipaza - Algeria Picture of Row of columns at the southern side of the ForumDjemila - Algeria Picture of Row of columns at the eastern side of the House of CastoriusDjemila - Algeria Picture of Cardo Maximus, looking towards the northDjemila - Algeria Picture of Temple of VenusDjemila - Algeria Picture of View of the Great Thermae of DjemilaDjemila - Algeria Picture of Dark clouds over the row of columns on the northern side of Severus SquareDjemila - Algeria Picture of Temple of the Septimius FamilyDjemila - Algeria Picture of Arch of Caracalla, the south-eastern gate to DjemilaDjemila - Algeria Picture of Row of red sandstone columnsDelhi - India Picture of Rubbish on the floor and graffiti on the walls of the ruins of the cathedralMogadishu - Somalia Picture of St Francis of Assisi has been beheaded by those who destroyed the cathedralMogadishu - Somalia Picture of Looking up a row of torii gatesKyoto - Japan Picture of The interior of the Refectory ChurchKiev - Ukraine Picture of The Palácio do Povo of Mindelo can be found in a colonial buildingMindelo - Cape Verde Picture of The Honden, or Main Hall, of Kurama-dera temple complexKurama - Japan Picture of Plastic flowing around one of the columns of the dais inside the Diwan-i-AmDelhi - India Picture of The columns of the Diwas-i-Khas building are decorated with precious stones depicting flowersDelhi - India Picture of Old pillar standing on the empty parking lot just outside the fence, with the ruins of Barbar temple in the backgroundBarbar - Bahrain Picture of Rectangular limestone pillar giving an idea of the dimensions of the temple of BarbarBarbar - Bahrain Picture of Providence House, one of the colonial buildings in NassauNassau - Bahamas Picture of Column facade of the Art Museum of VitebskVitebsk - Belarus Picture of Looking up the renovated Cathedral of St SophiaPolatsk - Belarus Picture of The Trade Union Palace of Culture on October SquareMinsk - Belarus Picture of The facade of the monumental Post Office of MinskMinsk - Belarus Picture of Side view of the entrance of the KGB headquarters on Nyezhavisimosty AvenueMinsk - Belarus Picture of The temple of Buhen on the premises of the National Museum of SudanKhartoum - Sudan Picture of Walls of Temple 100 with sloping rampsMusawarat - Sudan Picture of Interior view of the Lion TempleMusawarat - Sudan Picture of Row of columns in Temple 100Musawarat - Sudan Picture of Richly decorated base of a column in Temple 100, inside the Great EnclosureMusawarat - Sudan

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