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Foto van: Zenko-ji Tempel, Japan

Statue of Buddha in the dark interior of the temple | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanStatue representing Buddhist figure next to the Rokujizo | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanNiomon Gate seen from the southern entrance | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanRow of six Bodhisattvas, or Rokujizo, in the garden in front of Zenko-ji Temple | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanBuddhist official performing preparatory rituals in the early morning | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanSanmon Gate, behind which Zenko-ji Temple is located | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanStone lantern in the gardens of Zenko-ji in front of the temple | Zenko-ji Tempel | JapanClose-up of Buddhist statue outside the temple | Zenko-ji Tempel | Japan

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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