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Foto di: Barentsburg,

The main square of Barentsburg with old and new buildings and a bust of Lenin | Barentsburg | Detail of the mural on the school of Barentsburg | Barentsburg | Barentsburg city sign in the snow | Barentsburg | View of the school building | Barentsburg | Bust of Lenin with the first arctic skyscraper in the background | Barentsburg | View of the installations for the mine in Barentsburg | Barentsburg | Barentsburg seen from the north side of town | Barentsburg | The oldest remaining building of Barentsburg with Russian poem on the wall | Barentsburg | The former Soviet embassy, which now houses a museum | Barentsburg | Detail of Pomor art in the museum of Barentsburg | Barentsburg | Items found in the house where Barents and his companions stayed in Nova Zembla | Barentsburg | The first arctic skyscraper in Barentsburg | Barentsburg | Remains of whaling activity found at Finneset, south of Barentsburg | Barentsburg | Posters of Soviet nuclear icebreakers in the museum of Barentsburg | Barentsburg | Pipes over a dirt road in Barentsburg | Barentsburg |

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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