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Photo de: Amedi, Irak

The town of Amedi with mountains in the background | Amedi | IrakThe town of Amedi is built on a plateau | Amedi | IrakLooking south from the edge of the plateau of Amedi | Amedi | IrakLooking north from Amedi | Amedi | IrakView of Amedi from a distance | Amedi | IrakDirt track with view at the foot of Amedi plateau | Amedi | IrakClose-up of part of Amedi on the edge of the plateau | Amedi | IrakView of the mountain range close to Amedi | Amedi | IrakTrack partly covered in snow with Amedi in the background | Amedi | IrakMountains to the north of Amedi covered in a thin layer of snow | Amedi | IrakPrinces graveyard in Amedi | Amedi | IrakLocal Kurdish hero eternalized in a statue in Amedi | Amedi | IrakThe minaret of Amedi towering above stone houses | Amedi | Irak

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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