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的照片: Nyamata Genocide Memorial, 盧安达

Remains of clothes on the benches inside the church where people once prayed | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达Glass showcase with skulls and bones under the church | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达Purple curtains covering coffins and bones in one of the cellars | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达One of the cellars with coffins and bones | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达The tomb of Tonia Locatelli, an Italian nun who saved many people, outside the church wall | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达The mass graves with roof behind the former church of Nyamata | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达View of the former church of Nyamata from behind | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达The fence around the Genocide Memorial of Nyamata with anti-genocide slogans | Nyamata Genocide Memorial | 盧安达

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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