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: 非洲

: 非洲
的照片 摩洛哥 (Tanneries at Fes: working the skin) 的照片 埃及 (Lanterns and dome in the courtyard of Sultan Hassan mosque) 的照片 塞内加尔 (The Memorial Gorée-Almadies, on top of le Castel, dedicated to the African diaspora) 的照片 狮子山国 (Small mosque in Freetown) 的照片 象牙海岸 (Fresh green open field in Azagny National Park) 的照片 迦衲 (Traditional musical instruments) 的照片 多哥 (Village in northern Togo) 的照片 贝南 (Village on stilts in Benin) 的照片 肯亚 (Young zebra with brown stripes in the park) 的照片 那米比亚 (Sand dune and tree trunk) 的照片 南非 (Rainbow seen from Cape Point) 的照片 辛巴威 (Zambezi river and the spray of Victoria Falls rising high above the river) 的照片 马利 (Great Mosque of Djenné: marvel of adobe construction) 的照片 坦尚尼亚 (Baobab tree dominating the graveyard of Kunduchi) 的照片 赛昔爾群岛 (Anse Cocos beach, La Digue) 的照片 厄立特里亚 (Eritrean woman with colourful clothes) 的照片  (Among the many birds in the botanical gardens, the grey-cheeked hornbill is one of the largest) 的照片 史瓦济兰 (Colourful spider in its web between trees near Phophonyane falls) 的照片 苏丹 (Roofless building in Suakin with hawk flying overhead) 的照片 索马利亚 (Badly damaged detail of a decoration of St Francis in the badly damaged cathedral) 的照片 圣多美和比邻锡培 (Looking towards Príncipe from Bom Bom Island with Pico Papagaio in the background) 的照片 盧安达 (These are some of the skulls in the mass graves of the Genocide Memorial of Nyamata) 的照片 奈及利亚 (Women selling pips at the market of Oyingbo) 的照片 尼日 (The Birni quarter of Zinder has many adobe houses) 的照片 莫三比克 (Boats at low tide stranded on the beach of Ibo) 的照片 茅利塔尼亚 (View from the train: tabular mountain with sand dunes at its feet) 的照片 马拉威 (Landscape of Chambe Basin: rocks and shrubberies) 的照片 马达加斯加到 (The east face of the Isalo mountain range at sunrise) 的照片 赖索托 (Elegant Maletsunyane Falls seen from above) 的照片 赖比瑞亚 (Gone are the days when you could go for a refreshing swim in this pool) 的照片 几内亚比索 (Turret on the old wall of the fortress at Bissau Velho) 的照片 甘比亚 (Drawing showing the most efficient way to transport slaves from Africa to the New World) 的照片 加彭 (The interior road from Oyem to Libreville runs through various small villages) 的照片 益索比亚 (Lioness of Gobedra etched in a rock near Axum) 的照片 赤道几内亚 (View of the estuary between Cocobeach and Kogo) 的照片 吉布地 (Sable blanc: beach and quiet waters) 的照片 刚果民主共和国 (The ever changing lava lake of the Nyiragongo is a sight to behold) 的照片 刚果 (Looking north over the Congo river with Brazzaville (west) and Kinshasa) 的照片 科摩罗斯 (Looking at the crater lake of Lac Salé from the roadside) 的照片 查德 (Rock formation with pillars standing in the desert of Terkei Kisimi) 的照片 中非共和国 (Elephant having a shower) 的照片 维德角群岛 (Looking west along the dirt track close to Cruzinha da Garça) 的照片 喀麦隆 (View of the Municipal lake from the southern side) 的照片 薄隆地 (Pushing a bike with charcoal uphill) 的照片 布基纳发首 (Road running right next to the domes of Fabedougou) 的照片 波札那 (Elephant shower in Chobe river) 的照片 安哥拉 (Close-up of a tombstone with an angelic figurehead at the Cemitério de Alto das Cruzes) 的照片 阿尔及利亚 (Red painted adobe houses and sandy streets, typical view of Timimoun) 的照片 尚比亚 (Branch in the Zambezi with birds) 的照片  (View from the top of Jebel Kujul, looking west)

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