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: 欧洲

: 欧洲
的照片 法国 (One of the hand-painted stained glass windows of the Notre Dame cathedral: the North Rose window) 的照片 比利时 (Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent seen from below) 的照片 德国 (Kiss of Death, East side gallery, Berlin) 的照片 荷兰 (Windmill at Kinderdijk seen from below) 的照片 英国 (Slains Castle seen from a distance) 的照片 丹麦 (Vejle Fjord Bridge in the early morning) 的照片 芬兰 (Sibelius Monument at close look) 的照片 挪威 (Narrow Lysefjord seen from high above the sea at Preikestolen) 的照片 瑞典 (Massive display of northern lights in the sky) 的照片 西班牙 (Woman proudly showing love for her dog dressed up for the occasion) 的照片 葡萄牙 (Arcade of Praça do Comercio, Lisbon) 的照片 意大利 (Snowy mountains seen from a slope near Passo Salati) 的照片 梵蒂冈成 (Colonnade with statues of saints around Saint Peters square) 的照片 圣马利诺 (Late afternoon view of Cesta, the Second Tower) 的照片 瑞士 (View of Matterhorn surrounded by clouds) 的照片 列支敦斯登 (Afternoon view from Naafkopf of high altitude snowy mountains in Austria) 的照片 奥地利 (View of the Kaiser mountains from a slope of the St. Johann ski area) 的照片 捷克 (Religious scene depicted on stained glass window inside St. Vitus Cathedral) 的照片 匈牙利 (Looking up a lantern and the metal construction of Széchenyi chain bridge) 的照片 保加利亚 (Rila Monastery: view from inside the courtyard) 的照片 罗马尼亚 (Marble and huge chandeliers are very common in the Palace) 的照片 土耳其 (Ayyub al-Ansari tomb: girls studying koranic texts) 的照片 俄罗斯 (Kudrinskaya apartment block in the sunshine) 的照片 马爾他 (Marsaskala Harbour) 的照片 安道爾市 (Envalira pass: one of the curves on the way up) 的照片 希腊 (Frontal view of the Parthenon, one of the best-known landmarks of the world) 的照片 摩纳哥 (Balcony in Monaco) 的照片 波兰 (Praga district with rainbow) 的照片 立陶苑 (Cathedral, Vilnius) 的照片 爱沙尼亚 (Ice-covered rock with icicle near the tip of Juminda Peninsula) 的照片 斯洛文尼亚 (Cloudy sky over Ptuj in the early morning) 的照片 斯洛伐克 (The heart of Bardejov: the City Hall on the Old Town Square) 的照片 塞尔维亚和蒙特内古咯 (Wall with double-arched windows with the Daube river in the background) 的照片 摩尔达维亚 (Soroca Fortress hidden behind trees on the banks of the Dniestr river) 的照片 马其顿王国 (Sunrise over Sveti Jovan church and Lake Ohrid) 的照片 卢森堡 (Climbing area of Berdorf with trail and rocks) 的照片 拉脱维亚 (View of the Amata river near Zvārtes Iezis) 的照片 爱尔兰 (View from the north along the Cliffs of Moher) 的照片 冰岛 (Winter morning at Jökulsárlón with icebergs and clouds) 的照片 克罗埃西雅 (Churches and roofs with red tiles characteristic for Dubrovnik) 的照片 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 (The decorated wooden ceiling in one of the rooms of the tekke seen in close-up) 的照片 被拉瑞斯 (Gigantic star closes the gap over the entrance to Brest fortress) 的照片 阿尔巴尼亚 (Circle of cannons of Ali Pasha on display outside the castle of Gjirokastër) 的照片 乌克兰 (The richly decorated interior of the Refectory Church) 的照片  (Venetian lion guarding an entrance gate of Kotor fortress) 的照片  (Ottoman bridge with Sinan Pasha mosque and the Kalaja on the hill in the background)

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