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: 欧洲

: 欧洲
的照片 法国 (The river Seine flowing in front of one of the landmarks of Paris: the Notre Dame cathedral) 的照片 比利时 (Saint Bavo Cathedral in Ghent seen from below) 的照片 德国 (Modern architecture inside cupola of Reichstag) 的照片 荷兰 (Pilon of Erasmus bridge, Rotterdam) 的照片 英国 (Children playing in water of Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester) 的照片 丹麦 (Gefion making her oxen work at the fountain of the same name) 的照片 芬兰 (Sibelius Monument at close look) 的照片 挪威 (Clouds and sunset over Old Stavanger) 的照片 瑞典 (Vasa Museum: models of ships on globe) 的照片 西班牙 (Waiting to be blessed by the priest) 的照片 葡萄牙 (Palace of Pena: walking up to visit the palace) 的照片 意大利 (House with chimney in a quiet street of Castello) 的照片 梵蒂冈成 (Looking up to the main dome of Saint Peters basilica) 的照片 圣马利诺 (Guaita, dominating the northernmost part of Mount Titan) 的照片 瑞士 (Iron sculpture of Cédric le Borgne on the Pont de la Machine bridge) 的照片 列支敦斯登 (Afternoon view from Naafkopf of high altitude snowy mountains in Austria) 的照片 奥地利 (Frozen waterfall emitting blue light on a sunny day) 的照片 捷克 (Signs of the zodiac around Prague Castle, surrounded by rural scenes of the seasons) 的照片 匈牙利 (View from below Széchenyi chain bridge with lantern) 的照片 保加利亚 (Rila Monastery: look from inside the courtyard) 的照片 罗马尼亚 (Circular theatre inside the Palace of the Parliament) 的照片 土耳其 (Close-up of centuries old tombstone at Şemsi Paşa mosque with contours of Rumi Mehmet Paşa in the background) 的照片 俄罗斯 (Hotel Leningradskaya seen from below) 的照片 马爾他 (Maltese harbour) 的照片 安道爾市 (Wide view from near the top of Envalira pass) 的照片 希腊 (Frontal view of the Parthenon, one of the best-known landmarks of the world) 的照片 摩纳哥 (Monaco harbour) 的照片 波兰 (Red light in the ceiling of the cinema of the Palace of Culture) 的照片 立陶苑 (Inside of Vilnius Cathedral) 的照片 爱沙尼亚 (Winter view of Jüri-Jaagu farm) 的照片 斯洛文尼亚 (The terraced landscape in the Bowls Hall) 的照片 斯洛伐克 (The spectacular Tiesňavy gorge seen from inside Vrátna Valley) 的照片 塞尔维亚和蒙特内古咯 (Wall with double-arched windows with the Daube river in the background) 的照片 摩尔达维亚 (View of the balcony of the Birth of the Holy Virgin church) 的照片 马其顿王国 (Sky darkening over Sveti Jovan church) 的照片 卢森堡 (Early morning light seeping through the forest) 的照片 拉脱维亚 (Gravel road above Amata river) 的照片 爱尔兰 (Layers of black rock against which the Atlantic waves crash continuously near the Bridges of Ross) 的照片 冰岛 (Rugged coastline of Snæfellsnes with islets, mountains and the Atlantic) 的照片 克罗埃西雅 (Sponza Palace: probably the most beautiful building in Dubrovnik) 的照片 波斯尼亚和合资沟尼亚 (The castle of Srebrenik in the early morning sunlight) 的照片 被拉瑞斯 (Gigantic star closes the gap over the entrance to Brest fortress) 的照片 阿尔巴尼亚 (Morning light falling on the mountain ranges near Theth seen from the mountain pass) 的照片 乌克兰 (The richly decorated interior of the Refectory Church) 的照片  (Sveti Stefan surrounded by the Adriatic sea seen from a distance) 的照片  (One of the landmarks of Pristina: the National Public Library)

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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