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: 大洋洲

: 大洋洲
的照片 澳洲 (The Apostles cut off the mainland) 的照片 纽西兰 (Sunrise over Rangitoto, the last volcano to erupt 600 years ago) 的照片 法属玻里尼西亚 (Coastline in Tahiti) 的照片 所罗门群岛 (The most famous product of Langa Langa lagoon: shell money) 的照片 萨摩亚群岛 (Green and yellow Paradise in Heaven bus in Salelologa on Savai'i island) 的照片 巴布亚新畿内亚 (Mountainous landscape around Keglsugl) 的照片 巴劳 (Melekeok bai in the opening in the forest) 的照片 诺魯 (Sunset over Buada Lagoon with the hills of Topside in the background) 的照片 密克罗尼西亚 (Nan Douwas seen from the sea) 的照片 马绍尔群岛 (End of the afternoon at Eneko island with pandanus and palm trees) 的照片 基里巴斯 (Turquoise lagoon and shining palm trees on the southern tip of Abaiang) 的照片 飞济 (Traditional bure with thatched roof and wall in Navala) 的照片 东家 (View of the Langi Namoala from a corner) 的照片 土瓦鲁 (Funafala islet beach with turquoise waters) 的照片 发怒挖土 (Sunset over a cloud-covered hill at the edge of the ash plain)

Around the World in 80 Clicks

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