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: 亚洲

: 亚洲
的照片 亚塞拜然 (Ferry on the Caspian Sea just after leaving Turkmenbashy) 的照片 哈萨克斯坦 (Yellow lights on Baiterek Tower with part of the skyline of Astana in the background) 的照片 高棉 (Angkor Wat temple: corridor with sun shining inside) 的照片 中国 (Gyantse fortress draped over the natural hill) 的照片 香港 (The day comes to an end over Hong Kong) 的照片 印度 (Safdarjung Tomb with birds) 的照片 印度尼西亚 (Sunset on Flores Island) 的照片 以色列 (Waiting to see the Tomb of Christ in the rotunda) 的照片 日本 (View over the city of Kyoto and surrounding mountain with the Gate of the Deva Kings in the foreground) 的照片 约旦 (Kerak castle seen from below just before sunset) 的照片 黎巴嫩 (Snowy landscape at Faraya Mzaar ski area) 的照片 澳门 (Tombs of Dutch inhabitants of Macau) 的照片 马来西亚 (Shoppers at Pudu Market) 的照片 北韩 (Statue of Kim Il Sung in front of the History Museum in Pyongyang) 的照片 阿曼 (Track inside narrow Wadi Nakhr with its steep walls) 的照片 巴基斯坦 (Moenjodaro ruins) 的照片 非律賓 (Shadows of saints against stained glass in San Agustin Church) 的照片 沙乌地阿拉伯 (Jeddah balcony) 的照片 新加玻 (Brightly coloured Peranakan houses in the afternoon sun at Koon Seng Road) 的照片 南韩 (Painters of Bulguksa were masters at their job) 的照片 国所 (Wat Mahathat in Sukhothai seen from a corner) 的照片 斯里兰卡 (Galle town with lighthouse) 的照片 寮过 (Sunset on Mekong River) 的照片 汶萊 (Kampung Ayer schoolgirls) 的照片 巴利群岛 (World Trade Center towers seen from below) 的照片 伊朗 (Veiled women walking towards one of the main mosques inside the bazar) 的照片 敘利亚 (Ruins of Mari: dry earth) 的照片 越南 (Halong bay landscape) 的照片 叶门 (Typical window in Thulla) 的照片 阿拉伯联合大公国 (Handicraft object standing against the wall of a traditional house in the courtyard of the museum) 的照片 乔治亚 (Old Georgian woman selling bread at a street market) 的照片 台湾 (View of the coastline of Eastern Taiwan from the Baci observation point) 的照片 巴勒斯坦领地 (High wall and watchtower near Bethlehem) 的照片 尼泊尔 (Lifting of corpse covered in orange cloth and flowers to be carried to the cremation platform) 的照片 缅甸 (Burmese nuns seeking offerings in the early morning in Katha) 的照片 蒙古 (The badlands of Bayanzag at the end of the day) 的照片 马勒蒂夫 (Woman waiting for her man to catch a fish at Viligili island) 的照片 吉尔吉西丹 (Eagle and man: Tumara and Talgar in Kyrgyz dress) 的照片 科威特 (The museum is located in the basement; these are the stairs from the main entrance) 的照片 伊拉克共和国 (View of the plateau on which Amedi is built) 的照片 不丹 (Lovely location of Petsheling monastery amidst trees and mountains) 的照片 孟加拉共和国 (Mixing religious symbols outside St Paul church) 的照片 亚美尼亚 (Fragment of the fresco depicting the Last Supper in the apse of the Mother of God church at Akhtala) 的照片 达吉基斯丹 (Calligraphy and geometrical design on the dome of Kök Gumbaz) 的照片 帝汶勒斯特 (The Suai to Oeleu road meandering through the mountainous landscape of western Timor-Leste) 的照片 土库曼苏维埃社会主义共和国 (Nedjmeddin Kubra mausoleum in the late afternoon sun) 的照片 乌茲别克斯坦 (Calligraphy and decorative frieze on the great dome of Kalon mosque) 的照片 卡达 (Traditionally dressed women on the Corniche of Doha)

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